Smart solutions in pollution treatment

ECT EUROPE is a company that has grouped men and women with proven experience and seriousness and provide smart solutions in pollution treatment.

ECT EUROPE has patented cryogenic systems all over the world that reduce airflows T ° C from over -70 ° C (now up to – 95 ° C) without using liquid nitrogen. It has also developed catalytic oxidation systems that allow efficient treatment of polluted industrial air and important energy recovery with cogeneration devices for electrical energy production.

“Our team’s ability is not to focus on just one technology to solve problems; a skill for which we obtain excellent results in this particular industrial sector “.

A few years ago a customer challenged us to develop some washing systems able to clean plastic films allowing them to re-use this material in its production; result that we have achieved in just one year.

We are currently involved in the development of lithium-ion battery recycling and have been responsible for the entire project for one of the leading recycling companies in Europe.

In cryogenic systems, which allow the abatement and condensation of >VOC’s air emission, we have provided solutions for important groups worldwide, obtaining a result of high quality and safety level.

As far as catalytic oxidation systems are concerned, we can state that the flexographic industries are very interested in the modular version because it allows the autothermal situation to be 0.70 gr / Nm³. The energy recovered is important, since the working temperature reaches only 250-450 ° C.
For some other applications of this technology (industrial air treatment in the paint industry), there are of our customers that today use catalytic oxidizers.

In the special development of Filmclean, we have two major references, one of which uses Filmclean to clean printed films. We also have excellent references in the recycling world in reciclyng companies for lithium-ion batteries, andly for the recycling of spray cans full or empty.

Today, thanks to the experience gained in years of work, ECT EUROPE can count on a highly trained team of engineers and specialists made up of over 10 people. The projects are numerous because the different technologies developed really meet the real needs in many activities.